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August 2016

Need help attracting and hiring great talent with disabilities? Start here!

Who is Disability Solutions? Disability Solutions works with companies to design hiring and retention strategies for forward-thinking firms that want to stay ahead of hiring trends. We’ve seen these brands succeed in all areas of the talent lifecycle and throughout their company. What are the Benefits to Employers for Utilizing the Disability Solutions’ Career Center? Reach the Largest Untapped Workforce Pool – That is in Itself Diverse: This low-cost option …Read More

What’s Different about Disability Solutions’ Career Center?

This month Disability Solutions launched a new career center focused on making meaningful connections between jobseekers with disabilities and companies that are hiring. There are plenty of niche, not to mention general, job boards out there, so you might be asking yourself “What’s so different about this one?” The Disability Solutions Approach Disability Solutions works directly with companies who want to hire talent with disabilities and helps them increase their …Read More