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What’s Different about Disability Solutions’ Career Center?

This month Disability Solutions launched a new career center focused on making meaningful connections between jobseekers with disabilities and companies that are hiring. There are plenty of niche, not to mention general, job boards out there, so you might be asking yourself “What’s so different about this one?” The Disability Solutions Approach Disability Solutions works directly with companies who want to hire talent with disabilities and helps them increase their …Read More

Transitioning Together

People with Autism are confronted with challenges when leaving the educational system. These young men and women face an unemployment rate of 90%. Planning for life after school for students and their families is a challenge that many are unprepared to address. As a response to this challenge, in 2000, the University of Wisconsin’s Waisman Center started a program called Working Together. Working Together provides an 8-week educational program to …Read More

Catching up with Rising Tide

Disability Solutions consultants Chris Simler and Brianne Lott recently made a trip down to Rising Tide Car Wash in Parkland, FL. The company was profiled on our blog last year because of their progressive approach to hiring candidates that fall on the autistic spectrum. Rising Tide continues to provide first-class car wash services to customers and provides adults, that fall on the autism spectrum, with meaningful employment. Rising Tide believes …Read More

Autism Awareness Month

It’s that time of the year again! April 1st marks the beginning of Autism Awareness Month. During the month of April, Disability Solutions will highlight corporations who are leading the way in employing talent on the spectrum, and those who are bringing awareness to Autism. While we take this month to become more aware about Autism and how it affects those with the diagnosis and their families, this initiative reminds …Read More

The Force is Strong With This One

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but there is a new Star Wars film coming out. One of our “solutions” at Disability Solutions is to support our clients to hire and retain talent with disabilities.  Over the past two and a half years I’ve been doing just that – and like Darth Vader I find myself saying to a colleague, a community partner and ultimately my client that “The Force …Read More

Understanding What It Means To Hire A Veteran

On November 11th, 2015, we as a nation celebrate Veteran’s Day. I’d love to spend a few minutes describing the entire history of Veteran’s Day as it was established until where it lays today, but my word count would be too long. In short, Veteran’s Day is a celebration to honor America’s veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good. Over …Read More

Understanding What “Accommodation” Means For Employers and Candidates with Disabilities

In the discussion about hiring people with disabilities, it’s important that employers and job candidates start from a similar understanding. While some employees experience catastrophic disability and are unlikely to return to work, others come from a different disability experience. These employees encounter a “setback” disability, which involves time away from employment, but offers the prospect of returning to work, either directly or indirectly related to their past occupation. Because …Read More

Profile: Rising Tide Car Wash

Over the month of April you’ve most likely seen the color blue sneaking into your view. April is Autism Awareness Month in the US – that may be why your Facebook feed has been buzzing blue or why you’ve seen iconic landmarks around the globe (including the Empire State Building in New York City) lit blue.  To celebrate, I’m taking a look at Rising Tide Car Wash, a Parkland-based pioneering social enterprise that helps young people …Read More

Profile: Nick Cannon

This week I continue to celebrate African American History Month by focusing on individuals who have made a positive impact by overcoming barriers and changing perceptions by disclosing their disability at the same time showcasing their ability and success in their field. I had a rare chance to meet my next subject, Nick Cannon: film star, comedian, TV and radio host, musician, writer, director, executive producer and philanthropist. In August …Read More

Profile: Stevie Wonder

For the month of February we celebrate the achievements of African Americans and their impact on our culture.  The month of February also celebrates the biggest night in music with the GRAMMY Awards to recognize outstanding achievement in the music industry.  This year the Recording Academy will also present An All-Star Grammy Salute to Stevie Wonder to celebrate the 25-time GRAMMY winner and Recording Academy Lifetime Achievement recipient.  In the …Read More