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How I Unwind – What Fills My Passion Cup

Kevin and his wife with Ed from Live

Although I love my job, I do like to escape for some much needed personal time.  As a trainer and presenter my first ask of the audience is “Tell me something most people don’t know about yourself.”

For me it’s:

Kevin with Dan Patrick at the 2014 NFL Draft

However, my true passion is music. Love it. Always listening – while I work, in the shower, in the car. Anywhere and anytime. My lovely wife is constantly turning it down on me.

Tom Cruise dancing and singing in “Risky Business”


Jobseekers I work with typically need a “job”, but most struggle to understand what they really want in a job.  It is very important to understand your strengths in order to put a target on those types of jobs and companies you will be successful in.  For me,  I’ve always had the writing bug…I studied it in school, I took a stab at Hollywood and in the recent last few years I’ve started writing songs. Let me back up. I tried to get good at guitar since I was in seventh grade and I told my guidance counselor I wanted to be a rock star singer. Neither happened, yet the bug is in me and I’ve found ways to keep this passion around me.  I have found an outlet writing lyrics and melodies.

Kevin with Boyz II Men at Stamford Downtown’s Alive @ Five 2008

Enter my brother in law and his band GoRjA (as in gorgeous) – a mix of local musicians and childhood friends who have collectively shared the stage with Maroon 5, Dispatch, Blind Melon and Rusted Root as well as creating music with Paul Simon and Edie Brickell.  The songwriting technique is quite different from my first band back in 1996. My brother in law strums around on his guitar and records it on his iPhone then sends to me where I write the lyrics – we typically share the creation of the melody. We go back and forth and once we think it’s close we get together to record then bring it to the band where it really comes alive. Songwriting is much like hiring an employee. The company starts with a fresh idea (person), it needs molding, and nurturing (training and support) to satisfy your creative needs (work and production). 


Our first original single, “No Matter,” released in April of 2017 first sparked in March of 2016.  The song is about the ups and downs of life and how we deal with them. “The waves. They crash. Which way will we lean?” Much like finding and landing the right job, results take time.  The band took that time to shape it into the song we needed it to be and we are very proud.  GoRjA spent the summer playing outdoor festivals and local venues rockin’ a combination of originals and covers.  This winter we look to focus on writing and recording more original material including a song called “Passion Cup.”

Listen to “No Matter” below.

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