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Changing Minds and Changing Lives: Connecting People with Disabilities with Career Opportunities

From Your Mark on the World Center, December 15, 2017, By Kris Foss

One in five people in the United States have some type of disability and are facing challenges in getting hired. Some disabilities are visible, such as physical disabilities, and some are hidden; including mental health conditions, medical conditions, learning and cognitive disabilities. We also have a large population “aging into disability” for the first time and veterans with disabilities returning to the civilian workforce.

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Opportunity Calling-Tapping Into Disability Recruitment for Call Center Staffing

From Contact Center Solutions, December 1, 2017, By Kevin McCloskey and Keith Meadows

Companies understand that there is no more critical point of engagement than between customers and call center representatives, yet employee turnover rates range near 30 and 45 percent in the call center environment.  Employers are challenged in both attracting and retaining this critical workforce.  Disability Solutions, the national non-profit consulting division of Ability Beyond, headquartered in Connecticut, has helped corporate clients meet this challenge by hiring jobseekers with disabilities.  As a result, call centers are realizing positive results including reduced turnover, lower interview to hire ratios, and increased productivity.

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Business's Next Frontier: People With Disabilities

From Forbes, July 30, 2015, by Robert Reiss

For years organizations seeking a competitive advantage have embraced diversity; but today the leading enterprises have found a new source of growth–people with disabilities. The global market represents 1.3 billion people and their 2.3 billion family members, friends, caregivers and colleagues; aggregately people with disabilities account for an astounding $8 trillion dollars in disposable income.  Business leaders have also found that people with disabilities build a more authentic, loyal and creative culture.

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Pepsi Initiative Offers New Route for Training, Jobs

People Achieving, April 2014, Volume 11 Issue 1

Disabilities experts are joining forces with PepsiCo in a new hiring initiative in Burnsville, one of two company sites in the nation to launch Pepsi ACT, Achieving Change Together.  The company is seeking to ease the process for jobseekers with disabilities to obtain employment with the PepsiCo.  One means used is a unique training program that couples classroom soft skills training with hands-on, job-based skills training.

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