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Disability and Inclusion Webinar Series

In our collection of webinars, you’ll hear from the Disability Solutions team of consultants provide insights, ideas and guidance for achieving your goals. From here you can register for upcoming webinars and also go back and watch previously recorded webinars.

Upcoming Webinars:

Previously Recorded Webinars:

Finding the Right Talent Through Disability Inclusion

In the U.S., 1 in 5 people have a disability and 30% of households have at least one member with a disability. Forward looking organizations understand that establishing a strong brand within the disability and veteran community, a community with a buying power of $2 trillion, is not only good for society, but it’s good for business.

Watch this free webinar to discover inclusion best practices and success stories from leading employers such as Pepsi and Synchrony and discover the business case for hiring talent in the disability community.

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Opportunity Calling – Tapping Into Disability Recruitment for Call Centers

Companies understand that there is no more critical point of engagement than between customers and call center representatives, yet employee turnover rates range near 30 and 45 percent in the call center environment. Employers are challenged in both attracting and retaining this critical workforce. Disability Solutions has helped corporate clients meet this challenge by hiring jobseekers with disabilities, including veterans with disabilities. As a result, call centers are realizing positive results including reduced turnover, lower interview to hire ratios, and increased productivity.

Watch this free webinar for success stories from today’s leading call center employers, learn best practices to implement a disability hiring initiative and discover tips to effectively attract and hire individuals and veterans with disabilities.

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Successful Disability Employment Strategies – Lessons from Staples, Pepsi and other leading Employers

Disability Solutions, a corporate disability consulting firm, is changing minds and changing lives through their work with Pepsi, Synchrony Financial, Staples and other employers across the country. Disability Solutions’ clients have hired over 350 people with disabilities, including veterans, over the past five years through the planning and implementation of a strategic approach focused on driving business results. Senior Consultant, Julie Sowash, and Director of Partnership Development, Kevin McCloskey, will discuss best practices and tips on bridging the gap between employers and the community partners who serve all jobseekers with disabilities that have produced real outcomes.

This webinar was produced in partnership with Respectability. You can access this webinar for free directly at the Respectability page in the link provided below.

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It’s Not You It’s Me – Working with Employers on Hiring Initiatives

Providers of services to individuals and veterans with disabilities have likely noticed a change in how employers are responding to efforts from Employment Consultants assisting people with disabilities in their job search. In fact, many companies are now actively recruiting candidates with disabilities. Although this development is exciting, these changes can lead to uncomfortable and difficult interactions between the two entities (employer and provider), causing one or both to be frustrated, ultimately undermining their shared goal.

Watch this webinar to review this paradigm shift and learn more about the changing dynamics of corporate recruiting, how to avoid common barriers and best practices when working with large companies.

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Jobseekers: What Employers Need You to Know

Employers across the country are starting to embrace diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Among those impacted by this positive change, Americans with disabilities have seen 24 consecutive months of employment gains.

While labor conditions have improved significantly for individuals and veterans with disabilities, many others continue to struggle to find employment due to lack of preparation and not having the required skills needed to successfully navigate the hiring process.

Watch this webinar to discover what employers need jobseekers to know, learn soft skills to impress in the hiring process and review tips to successfully navigate the application and interview.

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