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Talent Lifecycle

Nearly 40%* of employers are having challenges hiring qualified employees. As baby boomers retire, a systematic outreach to the disability community and to veterans with service related disabilities can help your company meet federal and state compliance requirements and increase profitability, while supporting other key workforce objectives including productivity, engagement, diversity, inclusion, turnover, retention and morale.

Identify and source the right talent

  • Disability Solutions Consultants assess your needs and talent expectations, and build a qualified candidate pool by connecting you with local and national partners.

Break down barriers in talent management systems and processes

  • Applicant to Employee – Identify and implement key policies and processes to increase hiring, engagement and retention of talent.
  • We work with your team to build on your current systems and processes, identify any potential barriers, and create workable solutions that enhance candidate quality and positive recruiting and hiring outcomes.

Strengthen your workforce through talent diversity

  • Diverse talent strengthens innovation and engagement, and encourages new talent to join your team. The inclusion of employees with disabilities is an important element of an engaged workforce. Approximately 36 million people report having a disability, making disability one of the largest minority groups in the country and one that anyone can join at any time.**
  • Let us help you bring disability into your current diversity initiatives. Job seekers and employees with a disability cut across all demographics and represent a wide range of skills, education, knowledge and experience.

Support and educate your workforce and management teams through training and education:

  • Disability Solutions can help corporations through a suite of training courses for the C-Suite, Human Resources, supervisors and co-workers. We can customize our best-practices courses for your company including:
    • Disability 101
    • Considering and Managing Accommodations
    • Dispelling Fear and Stigma
    • Regulatory Compliance

* ManpowerGroup’s 2013 Talent Shortage Survey
** Source: Estimates based on analysis of American Community Survey (ACS) Data

“This is the next frontier from both a brand and workforce perspective. Ensuring that people with disabilities see themselves and their needs reflected in our products and the services we offer is important. It’s important to our customers, as well as to our workforce.”
– L. Kevin Cox, Chief Human Resource Officer, American Express; Forbes.com


Market Reach

Recruitment and employment of people with disabilities can have a positive impact on both your brand as an employer and with your customers. Increase your customer base among a community with an annual buying power of over $2 Trillion*.

Your customers: Broaden and appeal to new market-base

  • Brand loyalty! A global community of potential customers for your corporation, and many more  who have a personal connection to someone with a disability.
  • Disability Solutions can advise you on positioning your brand in the disability community.
    • Communicate your disability inclusion efforts to the disability community. Disability perspective  as part of your brand.

Your workforce: Strengthen or secure your talent brand.

  • The Disability Solutions team has a long record of building partnerships that connect employers  and job seekers with a disability.
  • Leverage an extensive network of public and private organizations and associations nationally to  help you attract top talent and increase awareness of your organization’s disability inclusion  initiatives.

*Source: US Census, US Department of Labor

“Our research has proven that acting on disability grows shareholder value. This market is large enough to stand on its merits – about the size of China. The key is to seek and measure those things that attract consumers like branded messaging and simple actions that add to customer experience. Outperforming firms develop innovations found through disability that also impact their core customer – then scale drives returns. It’s not about inclusion, it is about attracting consumers and delivering for shareholders.” – Rich Donovan, CEO, The Return on Disability Group; Forbes.com

Business Drivers

Your Workforce and the Bottom Line — Disability Solutions Consultants can lead your team in the systematic deployment of skills, tools, and processes throughout your organization to increase mutually defined success and measure the results. Our team will develop a customized return on invest (ROI) plan based on your business objectives, drivers and challenges.

Impact Key Workforce Challenges

  • Research confirms that employees with disabilities have lower rates of absenteeism and turnover than employees without disabilities – a direct correlation to achieving decreased recruiting & onboarding costs, increased revenue through retention of organizational knowledge and higher productivity.
  • Our proven five-stage approach helps clients diversify their workforce and integrate employees with disabilities into their workforce. We work with you to identify opportunities within your organization that can have an impact on your bottom line.

Leverage Federal and State Hiring Incentives

  • Disability Solutions can help you identify and access federal and local workforce hiring and training incentives designed to support employers and employees in this journey.

Develop Metrics to Ensure Outcomes

  • We will work with your leadership to identify the appropriate data tracking methods and data collection points to demonstrate that hiring initiatives are creating demonstrable results for your business and brand.
  • Success shouldn’t be based on anecdotes. Data and Metrics will demonstrate what is working and where opportunities still exist.


“Building a strong talent base that includes people with disabilities positions us to better connect with all types of consumers, which is definitely a business objective of our Diversity and Engagement platform.” – Marty Bean, Sr. Vice President, Field Sales, Pepsico North America Beverages


On March 24, 2014, The Office of Federal Contractor Compliance (OFCCP) began enforcing newly finalized regulations that for the first time required Federal Contractors to move beyond “Good Faith Outreach.” OFCCP has set a 7% goal by contractor location and job grouping. Disability Solutions can help companies source, hire, and retain qualified talent with disabilities. Moving beyond checkbox compliance to outcomes is where Disability Solutions works with you to ensure you can demonstrate your organization’s commitment to achieve compliance.

Manage Changing Expectations

  • Section 503 and 4212 Final Rules require outreach and recruitment and the demonstration of effective recruitment, hiring and retention for people with disabilities and veterans.
  • Disability Solutions Compliance Consultants will work with your organization to develop and implement plans in line with the new regulations and to ensure the accurate depiction of hiring efforts and identify barriers before an audit including:
    • Rapid Fire Assessment and Diagnostic;
    • Establishment of hiring benchmarks;
    • Data Collection; and
    • Invitation(s) to disclose a disability for applicants and existing workforce.

Identify and Address “Red Flags” Before OFCCP

  • As new Affirmative Action Plans are created to add disability, Disability Solutions consultants can work with your teams to target outreach in specific establishments and job groups to limit red flags that can initiate audits.
    • Entry level, high turnover positions are targets for potential statistically significant hiring rates.
  • Disability Solutions will work with your national and local human resources & compliance staff to ensure accurate documentation of hiring efforts and partner evaluation activities.

“This employment goal is similar to the metrics – the affirmative action and reporting obligations – that contractors have long used to promote equal opportunity for women and minorities.”

— Pat Shiu, OFCCP Director
Oct. 2013, Keynote address